Thursday, December 20, 2007

We took a trip to Callaway gardens with Jessica and Hank, Chase and Nolan and some other friends this year to see the spectacular (biggest in the nation!) Fantasy of Lights! It was really good and the kids had a blast!

On the trolley looking at all the lights
Trent wasn't so sure about the gingerbread man!
Camryn's favorite part...getting a candy cane from Santa!

Cutting down the perect tree!

It took us quite some time to find the PERFECT tree this year. Trent liked every one we looked at, but Steve was a little bit pickier. We found it December first so I'm not sure it looks quite as lush anymore, but I had to post these pictures before Christmas.

Trent pretending to cut it all by himself!
With a little help from Dad!
Still a spectator sport for Camryn!!
I did get down there and try to make a little cut, but our saw was soooo dull and I have no man power!!

This was VERY unsafe and I was nervous the whole time he was trying to get the star on top!!!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Happy Birthday Trent!!!

Unfortunately I cannot edit the date on the post to December 3 when Trent really did turn three, but atleast I took pictures on the actual day! Trent turned 3, which is quite amazing...and all he wanted was a "A-Go ooter!", translated that is a Diego scooter. So Saturday I left Trent with Steve and went to go buy it from Wal-Mart after seeing it there the week before. I was so disappointed to find that they were sold out. I was feeling down knowing that I had failed my 3 year old and he would no longer be having his "scooter birthday party" as he frequently referred to it...Luckily Monday morning they had one on the shelf! The only problem now was getting it into the cart and home without him seeing it since he was with me. I managed to succeed and he was so excited that night when he opened it!
Trent we love you and wish you a Happy Belated Birthday on the blog!

Trent LOVING that everyone is finally singing to him after all the birthdays he has been to this year!
Trent blowing the whole house down! He takes his candle blowing very seriously!
Opening the gifts...sorry Trent you will probably never have a brithday picture without the Christmas tree in the background!!!
Already trying out the Mom it had not been outside yet!!!
Camryn enjoying all the fun and attention!