Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Our 2 Summer Trips!

First Stop North Carolina:

Our first trip was to Emerald Isle, North Carolina. This was a family reunion with Steve's family. They grew up going to the beach in NC every we are continuing the tradition with no complaints from me!!!

The only difference is that back then his family stayed in an airstream and now we get to stay here:
The Granted Wish is the name of the place...and it really says it all!!
Camryn still LOVES the sand more than ANYone I know her age!
Grandpop, Nathan and Trent enjoying the kid's room! They were NOT the only ones that spent a lot of time with this game! It was quite often that I found Steve and the older boys down here too!Cami and Madison

The whole gang!
All the grandkids, right???
Meggie trying to show Trent her California surfer moves
Trent's flounder that he realed in!

Camryn loved all the girls and LOVED this chair!!!

Trip to San Diego:

My brother, Jason, left on his mission on June 6 so we went out to San Diego for his farewell and one last family trip all together before he gets back. We went to Palm Springs and enjoyed the nice weather there to play in the water. We had a great time and Trent and Camryn LOVED spending time with their cousins!

This is Trent on the way to Palm Springs saying his eyes hurt and that he needed to wear some sunglasses!
This picture is of my grandparents with all of the great grand kids from our family!
Carly, Nolan, Chase, Christian, Camryn, and Trent

Cami and Trent
Camryn LOVES my Dad as you can tell. And if you can believe it this was really all the pictures I took in San Diego...I guess I thought I could rely on getting my Mom's pictures since she takes so many!!!

There you go Krissy! Is that enough pictures for you? I hope that I get an A+++


First Haircut!

Here is a picture of Camryn's first haircut May 16, 2008. It was early on her birthday...I could NOT wait to get her hair even in the back to protect her from any more comments from Aunt Jessica!!! It looks SO much better now.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Photographer for Hire!!

Trent has a new obsession with taking pictures with my camera...luckily I can erase them, although he does have that new modern photography thing down!!!


Yes she does know EXACTLY how to use this thing!!! I have decided that I will try harder to not be on the phone as much!!!