Thursday, February 5, 2009

Monster JAM!!!

Steve, Trent, Hank, Chase and Nolan all went to Monster Jam back in January. They had too much fun and are HUGE monster jam fans now!!!
Notice the nice earplugs because it is just as loud as Talladega!!!

Saying goodbye to the pets (yes we have a cat now too!) in case he does not make it through Monster Jam!!!

You would think it was his first day of school or something!

Just a cute picture of how I found Trent and Camryn the other day! Trent is reading to her while she lays comfortably on the hard kitchen floor!

Christmas in February!!!

Don't tell me it is too late to be posting Christmas pictures...I already know! I will have to throw the "I am pregnant" card out there as my excuse. Yes, we are prego with number three...and I am EXHAUSTED! Sorry if this is the way that you are finding out instead of a phone call...too many things to do right now. I can barely get my email checked! Anyway...our first pictures come from our annual cookie party that my sister and I have been doing for 2 years now, but it has been in my Christmas past for my whole of our family traditions!

Trent decorating the cookies...Camryn eating the cookies (typical!)
My Mom has seen one too many of these beautifully decorated cookies!
We made a quick stop in Virginia to see Steve's brother and his family. Ended up staying a little longer than planned because our transmission blew on our 2 year old truck...Merry Christmas to us!!!

Camryn, Hudson, Ellison, and Trent putting the puzzle together (mostly Trent and Ellison!)

Worn out from too much cousin fun...this was our slumber party setup!!!
Trent's best effort for Santa!
Christmas morning at Steve's parents house!
Camryn got new underwear for Christmas if you couldn't tell!
Grandmom and Camryn
And if you are wondering where the rest of the pictures are...we were too busy doing this ridiculous puzzle the whole break! Luckily we had Grandmom to keep Trent and Camryn busy!!