Sunday, May 17, 2009


Trent checking out all the candy he got!!!

Camryn more into what other kids are picking up than actually picking up the candy herself!!! I think she picked up 2 eggs and then started eating the candy...typical!!!
Nolan and Camryn in their Easter gear chasing the soccer ball!
Trent and Camryn saying "CHEESE!"

Some of our friend's Trent did not wear flip flops to church!!!

Trent's First Soccer Team!

Trent played soccer this year on team "Lightning!!!" His cousin Chase was on his team which made things quite commical for all of us watching on the sideline. Their team was pretty good because they had some AWESOME girls on their team that were very aggressive. Aggresive and Trent just do not go hand in hand!!!

This was the best picture I have with their team color. Trent is watching patiently from the back. He was playing pretty well at the beginning of the year so I decided that I would purchase some cleats for him. For some reason the cleats that were suppose to make him better made him slower...he was WAY into showing them off to everyone!!!
Trent, Camryn and Chase in their England gear purchased by Uncle Jason straight from Leeds, England where he is currently serving his mission. Note to parents: if you show up in full gear on the first practice, the other parents expect A LOT more skill than your kid really has!!!

Camryn is 2!!!

Our little girl turned 2 yesterday and is no longer little. In fact she is going to be a big sister to her little brother in just a few short months.
Naturally she loves to cook and talk on her cell phone!

She laughs A LOT!

And is a joy to be around!!!
We had pizza (her favorite) for dinner and while Steve, my sister and her husband, Hank, and I were all around the dinner table talking thinking the kids were all just playing, they were in fact taking ALL the gifts off the couch for Camryn to open. By the time we got over to them they were in full swing of opening the gifts!
She loved All her gifts... Almost as much as Nolan (what a good sport he was!)
This is her "M&M" cake! (the cake is suppose to be a large M&M). When I asked her what she wanted for her birthday all she said was, "Candy!!!"

Camryn's Birthday Videos!!!

This is Camryn opening her FAVORITE gift...Starbursts!!!

Camryn singing Happy Birthday to herself with all of us and blowing out the candles!!!