Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bringing Home Baby!!!

Brock has been home for over a week now and is growing bigger!!! The kids are LOVING having him at home, and have LOVED having all the grandparents spoil them while mom is preoccupied with feeding a rapidly growing boy!!! Here are some of the pictures from the past week!
Getting ready for church...sad to leave Brock at home.
Three Amigos!

Sleeping peacefully on Daddy's chest!!! (Steve was asleep too!)

Camryn loves to hold baby Brock "All by myself"

Baby Brock on his first ride in the carseat...not so sure about it!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Brock Stephen McMinn Has Arrived

The newest addition to our family has finally arrived and Amanda and I are officially outnumbered. Brock Stephen McMinn was born a day before his due date on Tuesday September 8 and weighed in at a hefty 9 lbs 6 oz and 22 inches long. Those are the kind of stats that can only make a dad proud.

We had the hardest time deciding on a name for him and we never officially settled on his name until after he was born. We had a few names picked out that we liked but after we saw him, we decided that he looked most like a Brock (or B-Rock). He is a sweet little boy and he looks exaclty like Trent when he was born.

As would be expected, Amanda is doing great. She's such a great mom. As most of you know, labor is pretty rough and there is a reason that men don't babies. This has been the most post-delivery discomfort Amanda has been in with any of our kids so I feel bad for her, but she's pretty tough and she's dealing with it much better than I could. Also, Brock's head was 15 1/4 inches around so you can imagine the discomfort delivering that would cause.

These are our the proud big brother and big sister to Brock. The love the new shirts that Grandma got for them.

This is Brock with his cute little cousin Kate (Hank & Jessica's baby girl).