Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Is it Summertime?

So lately Trent has been wondering if it is summertime yet so he can play in the water...our trip to Gulf Shores a couple of weeks ago confused him a little bit since we were playing in the water and wearing our summer swim shorts, but it wasn't summer yet. We had so much fun with our friends, Eve, Craig, Luka and Elsa Knott! A BIG thank you to them as well as their parents for letting us intrude on their beach vacation.

This is what they did all day long...ran from the waves!
Relaxing in the pool
So tough!!!
Camryn actually loved the sand.
Trent and Luka

Trent spent A LOT of time in this innertube...where did your Dad get them Eve???
Brother and Sis!
Looks like a fake scenery, huh?
Camryn LOVING the sand again!
We LOVE the beach and H2O!!! It was a very relaxing 2 days...the kids slept, ate and played beautifully. Thanks again Knotts!!!

Talladega Take Two!!

Steve, Trent, Uncle Hank, and Cousin Chase went for round 2 at Talledega. If you remember from last year...Trent loved it and I must say the same for his second time. They had a blast and were grateful that they had some partners in crime. Don't expect to see Jessica, Camryn or myself in these pictures any time soon...though maybe next year Nolan will join them. Here is an idea of how loud the cars get...if you can only imagine.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Spring is in full BLOOM!

Beware!!! There are a LOT of pictures on this post...I just couldn't decide which ones to leave off. My friend Stephanie took all of these for us just last night. After a bad day and SHORT naps the kids did pretty well and the rain held off until AFTER all the pictures were done!!!

Kisses anyone?
He's going to be a heartbreaker!
And so is she!!!

That's my girl!

Trent and Camryn smiled more if people were walking by admiring them!!