Monday, March 2, 2009

Sunshine and Snow!!!

This was us early on in the week in our backyard playing in the warm weather and eating popsicles with no shirts... mostly so their shirts didn't get stained!
(The other two kids are our neighbors)

And this was us yesterday in our backyard....... inches of snow! I guess we don't need to go to Utah this year (just kidding!)
Problem was that we took pictures when the kids had decided that they were too cold to be outside (they did have gloves on prior to this picture)

Me begging for just one good picture

After a cup of hot chocolate and some dethawing Steve and Trent were outside making their snowman, that still has not melted away today, and making an igloo out of Steve's VERY own custom made Log Cabin Fort! Camryn was inside on her second nap...the snow wore her out!

CONCLUSION: The snow is GREAT fun for just ONE day!!!