Wednesday, December 17, 2008


So these pictures were taken by Trent if you couldn't tell. They were the best I could offer in a short time! The story goes that I was wanting to cut my hair about two months ago and every time I brought it up to Steve he would talk me out of I decided one day to not tell him!!! I know, I know, so mean. After I cut my hair I called him and told him I had chopped it ALL off...that way he wouldn't be so mad to know that it was still to my shoulders! I really like the change, but it is much harder to manage time when I HAVE to do my hair everyday! It will always grow back, right???

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Goodbye to 10 inches!!!

Ten inches of my hair is GONE! I have not had it this short since third grade!!! My friend Chelsey cut it last Wednesday and for all of you who do not see me on a weekly basis I thought I would let you know!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Trent's 4th Birthday!!!

I am 4!!!!

Here are the pictures of Trent's fourth birthday! It took me a while to get up the blogging energy to post these pictures. Trent we love you!!!

Helping Mom make the cake...
Trent's Favorite part!
The Cake
Opening gifts in front of the temporary Christmas Tree. We had not gone to cut our tree yet so we put up a fake tree temporarily the first weekend after Thanksgiving!!!

Birthday Party at McDonald's (what more could a kid ask for!!!)

Lighting the candles...

Blowing out the candles!
What do you mean I don't get to eat another cupcake!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Happy 4th Trent!

Trenton (Duke) Madison McMinn born December 3, 2004 8lbs 15 oz

In the hospital! We couldn't wait to get you home. It was snowy in good old Orem, Utah!Cute little bundle!This was your "going home outfit" from Grandma JergensenOne of our favorite Pictures of you and Dad, just a few weeks old!At two weeks old we took you to San Diego for Christmas. You pretty much stayed in this position the whole time!!!At two months old you got RSV. It is a nasty viral infection. This was a scary time for us newly parents. We rolled your crib into our bedroom and kept you close at all times. As you can see you, you smiled through it!!Another one of our favorite pics taken at 9 months oldYour first birthday!!! As tradition, you got to open one present in the morning.In this picture you are making a face that your little sister, Camryn, likes to make!Getting ready to go to Chuck E Cheeses with Steve and Janae LowYou still love any game that involves some type of sport or ball!Your very first birthday cake made by one of Mom's good friends, Jolyn

Every year we catch a picture of you opening your birthday presents in front of the Christmas has become a tradition that you may grow to hate!!!

At 18 months we moved across the country to an unknown state...Georgia!!!You were Mom's sidekick for the first few months while we got to know the state that you and Mom had NEVER set foot in!This is your second birthday!!!You were quite excited to get the cars DVD...and sticker book. You still are a BIG fan of lightning McQueen

Here is the picture with the Christmas tree in the background...barely!

Your third birthday party with friends and family!

You and your cousin Hudson have birthdays just a day apart. We have been lucky enough to share our second and third birthday together with the familyOnce again in front of the Christmas tree!
Trent- We love you and are excited to see you continue to grow into an even "bigger boy". You are such a great son and an even better older brother to your sister Camryn. We have enjoyed watching you over the past four years develop your characteristics. Keep making us laugh!!!
(More pictures will be added to this post after Trent's preschool party on Friday...I have run out of energy for the night!)