Thursday, August 21, 2008

Who's first day of School?

Camryn was a little jealous of all the attention that Trent was getting from his first day of school...she wanted her own picture taken too!!! We had to remind her that it was Trent's first day of school and not hers...yet!!! Here he is!!! Trent's big day...he has been waiting UNpatiently all summer long!!! For some reason he thought again this year that he needed to ride his bike to school...maybe one day if we live RIGHT across the street from school I will let him!!!
He was so excited he woke up EXTRA early in the morning!!!
I had to get a picture of him in front of the backpacks, right???
Here are a few more pictures for all the posts I missed this summer while being lazy!!! This is Camryn in front of the button that turns the water on at a park that has the sprinkler things (did you get all that?). This is all she wanted to do!
Slip and Slide...summer is not complete without it!!!

Playing in the sprinkler with Chase and Nolan (Trent's cousins). As you can see our lawn was needing some water!
One of the MANY humid days in Georgia. The only thing I like about the humidity is how curly Camryn's hair gets!
The boys sneaking the button from Camryn (see picture at top!) I would have put a picture of the actual fountains, but I realized after I posted all the pictures that I hadn't gotten one with it in it and I didn't want the picture at the top...the way pictures are added on blogspot really needs to be updated!!!It is sad that summer is coming to an end, but we are excited for football season and all the fall festivities!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

First Day of School!

Today was Trent's first day of school...and he was not able to go because he had a cold. I am hoping that he will be up to par by the time Wednesday comes around so he can go to his second day of school. I will take some first day of school pictures when he finally makes it to school and post them so long as I find my camera plug to download pictures! I really was planning on posting today, but could not find the plug...of course the day I FINALLY have the time and energy to post and no camera plug!