Monday, February 18, 2008

Sleeping In!!!

Steve had my camera today so I couldn't get a picture, but I needed to record a funny moment that happened this morning. Trent had gotten up around 7:30 am and after being up with Camryn last night I wasn't wanting to get out of bed. When he heard Camryn getting up a little while later I told him to go tell Camryn I would be right there...this is when I rolled over and fell back to sleep. At 8:15 I woke up wondering why Camryn was not crying to get out of bed. I was imagining Trent trying to get her out of the crib by himself, which wasn't a pretty image, so I ran in Camryn's bedroom to find Trent in the crib with her. They were playing and Trent had managed to untie the bumper pad and was hiding under it. I was so glad to get that extra 30 or so minutes of rest and so glad that my two munchkins are getting along so well.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

San Diego!!!

We had a great trip last week to San Diego that was filled with a lot of fun, but not a whole lot of sun. We hit the rain that swept southern California, but atleast we got to see a lot of friends. I am still waiting for some pictures from my Mom's camera, but here are some moments captured on my camera!

Trent, Camryn and Madeline. Madeline is my friend Janae's daughter. Her mom and I had many memories in college, and now they all live closer to my home than I do...but who doesn't at this point!!!

As you can see Camryn does not like to sit still these days!!!

These are two of my really good friends from high school that I met up with to catch up. The visit was way too short, but I was glad I got to see them.

On Tuesday I picked my Mom up from the beautiful San Diego Temple and so I thought I would get a picture of can you resist!!!

Camryn was not wanting to was naptime I think.

This is Trent taking a picture of my Mom, Camryn and I...he was certain that he got us in the picture!

Luckily some lady walked by right at that moment and helped Trent out.

We got to spend a lot of time with cousin Carly... Trent's favorite fast food place now is Carly's Junior. We miss you Carly!!!
Mom and Dad...thanks for always allowing us to come and invade your home. We love you!
Liz and Christian, Angela, Laura, and Lindsay...we are hoping you have some cute photos that we can get until we get my Mom to upload hers.

Snow in Georgia

So the snow came 3 weeks ago and I am barely posting these pictures. One day of snow is GREAT! You enjoy the beautiful white, but don't have to live through it for 6 months!!! Trent LOVED it, we brought out our sled and enjoyed it all day long!