Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Go Panthers!!!

Camryn and Jessica
Todd, Jessica, Kelly and Todd jr.

Trent's best friend's dad happens to be the coach of the football team at our local college. They are only in their third season and won their first game a couple of weeks ago! We were luckily able to go and witness this piece of history. Steve and Hank rushed the field at the end of the game and we were all yelling and screaming. It was a great game. I just got word from my friend Kelly that they won yesterday too!!! It has been a long road, but perserverance pays off...Go Panthers!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

That was SO much FUN!!

Labor Day weekend we went camping despite the fact that we have a 15 month old daughter who LOVES her own bed. It was going to be a trial run so we just went for one night since our little fam has not been camping since the pre-kids days (remember that Moab trip Poe's and Jergensen's??? Steve took the shortest route this time!). It was a great campsite and we did have a LOT of fun. Trent woke up the next morning after sleeping all night on his sleeping bag and sat STRAIGHT up and said, "That was so much fun!" So we figured he wouldn't be opposed to doing it again sometime later....however 2 nights later we went back for more fun! Our friends had rented the campisite for the weekend which allowed us to come and go whenever we wanted...thank you Villamors!!!

Grandma Jergensen would be soooo proud....there is a little cubbie inside the tent where you can put your shoes or even your night slippers if you must!
THis was a portion of our 1 night gear!
Camryn LOVED Sophia's little "tot spot" chair.
The view from our tent! Not bad!
What is camping without a little watermelon. Camryn vs. Watermelon??? Camryn wins!

Roasting marshmallows!
Trent loved the camping junk food!
"that was so much fun!"
Camryn has a BIG crush on Nate...
but I am not so sure the feelings are mutual!

Breakfast of a camper...powdered Doughnuts!
Looking for fish???
Family photo at ALMOST the top of the mountain!
Trent and Richard so excited to be almost done !
Steve carried Camryn the WHOLE way up...so strong!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Why is this so funny to her?

Camryn does this new thing where she will scream and then start laughing histerically. It is only funny when I am in a good mood and can join in with her. She really thinks it is funny when the whole family joins in. She does it for a lot longer than the video portrays, but she is easily distracted when the camera is on...I am sure you can ALL relate!

Random pics and videos!!!

Trent LOVES to watch T.V. Camryn is not into watching T.V. at all.....except for when Big Brother watches!!! Then she is all for it and jumps right next to him and pretends to be interested!!! She LOVES to do and say whatever Trent is doing!!! And Trent of course loves the attention she gives him.

This is a video from a week or so ago. Camryn "jumps for joy" now when I go get her out of her crib. This was a reinactment of what she did the first time, but hopefully you will get the idea! Side note: No means YES for Camryn right now!!!