Friday, July 17, 2009

The last two months!!!

1. Memorial Day Weekend:

Matt and Jennae Porter and their little girl, Savannah came to visit us at the end of May to celebrate the holiday weekend. We had a blast, but I let Jennae do all the photography so if you want more pictures you will have to go to their blog!!! My kids LOVED having Savannah there!! Thanks Matt and Jennae for making the effort to come visit!

2. Saying goodbye to our home in Georgia and all of our friends:
Trent, Camryn and Chloe playing in our little was a hot day!!!

Packing up the house.....

You can kind of see my belly in this picture

3. Moving into our new home:

Split levels are not my favorite...but I LOVE this house.
This is our cute neighborhood!

Playing in the backyard with the kids and the dog!

Steve was able to snap a quick shot of my belly for all those who have been asking to see one!!! 4. Boating with friends back in Georgia!

5. Fingerpainting in the backyard...very brave of me!

When one child sticks their whole hands in the paint...
The other follows suit!!!