Saturday, November 8, 2008

Halloween Finally!!!

Practicing the Trick-or-Treating

Our little Chic!

Candy...the only way we could get her to wear the she LOVES the costume!!


This is Camryn making sure that the mask behind her does not get too close!

Corn anybody???

Church Trunk-or-Treat

Real Trick-or-Treating

Dealing the goods!!! This was my favorite part of Halloween growing up. Trading my pencils for my younger siblings peanut butter cups!!!

Steve and I dressed up as our friends that are podiatrists. That is a fake toe in my mouth and fake blood, I promise!

The last couple of weeks!!!

First stop: Dentist!!!

Before the cleaning...

During the cleaning...
After the cleaning...Look Mom, no cavities!!!

Raking up the leaves. We have gotten a LOT more leaves since this first fall!

Then we went to the farm!!!

The rest are random fall pictures!!!
It was NOT her idea to hold his hand, can you tell!!

After the leggin' it for literacy 5K...Steve didn't want to miss this one after not getting a picture from the 10K. The race was at 10PM...not the best time to run!!!

Hanging out in the backyard. Why can't I ever get a good picture of my kids together???