Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Brock's 6 month pictures!!!

Family kid shot!
Brock at 6 months

Trent (5)

Camryn (2)

This one cracks me up!

Easter picture!!!

This is his typical reaction when anyone talks to him! He is such a people person already!!

Seriously? I didn't get any prints of these, but just wanted to post how funny he was in this little chair! Just chillin'!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Space museum!

In March we took a trip to the science museum. Going back through the pictures it is amazing how different my kids have changed in 5 months (I am writing this post 8/14/10). We had a great time with all of Cam's preschool buddies families.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Brock is 6 months old!!!

Brock turned 6 months today (well yesterday to be exact!) It was a BEAUTIFUL day to turn 6 months. Completely sunny and 68 degrees out! We took the kids to ride bikes since it was soooooo nice. Brock loves to watch them on their bikes. Well, he really just loves to watch them do ANYTHING!!! He is such a good little boy...I guess it is a third child thing...they can't win with the other two so they just don't try!!!

He cut his first 2 teeth this fun!!! You can see them in the picture below. He has the biggest bluest eyes and I am told that he looks like me when he is asleep so I guess that means that he DOES NOT get those eyes from me!

The kids wanted a picture of them too...poor Brock! Atleast he gets a lot of attention from them!